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Shilajit Benefits : What are the benefits of Shilajit | How you should take Shilajit dosage

In today’s world everybody is trying to stay fit and healthy. People use a different kind of medications whether its Apple Cider Vinegar Fish oil, Omega 3, Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Calcium etc. They also drink green tea, protein powder and several other tonics to stay slim and reduce weight. It is not a bad thing to use all these things for health benefits.

But if you are able to get all the benefits from one thing only isn’t is cool?

You can stop all these medications and tablets with just a pinch of something to get all those health benefits. The answer is Shilajit. It is a natural gift which is being for used since ancient times in India and it was used for different health problems and to benefit your mental and physical health.

But in today’s world as you hear the name “Shilajit” it is being considered as an energy booster or as a remedy to men’s problem by most of the people. So if you also think like that than you are mistaken and underestimating the magical health benefits of Shilajit. It is an Ayurvedic medication from which you can get rid of all those diseases which are not yet resolved by medical science.

Whether its weight gain or weight loss or for all the internal organs of our body it is very healthy. It acts as a multipurpose medicine which starts showing results from first day itself. It can be used by small children, woman and elder people also. So what is the magic behind this that is so powerful and acts so fast on our body.

Shilajit is also called as mountains sweat because it is like a tar or glue from mountains. It has all the plant and mountains natural nutrients. It is mostly found in Tibet and Himalayan mountain range. According to Ayurveda we have 7 elements present in our body which are Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Nerve and Reproductive Tissue. Shilajit is the only medication which acts fast on all these elements.

So if you are disturb from any health issue in your life. If you are feeling weak or tensed from a long time. Or if you are unable to work efficiently in your office or studies. You should start taking Shilajit to get all the benefits and get rid of these problems.

Natural Shilajit

Key facts and reasons behind Shilajit benefits :

Energy Booster

Fulvic Acid is found in Shilajit, which is the best nutrient for energy booster and it makes it powerful. Because Fulvic Acid easily passes through our cellular membranes due to which it acts faster on our body as compared to any other medication. In few days it will show results in your skin, hairs, digestion, physical energy and brain. It is very effective for Psoriasis, Eczema and baldness.

Shilajit makes our bones stronger.

It has Calcium, Manganese, Nickel and Strontium present in it. Shilajit help bones against diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. It reduces swelling of bones, inflammation and joint pain.

Makes Immune System Stronger

It helps increase our immune system because of Vitamin B copper and Fulvic Acid present in it. So it makes our immune system stronger as compare to other people who are not taking Shilajit. It protect us from cough and cold, helps clean lung infections and gives strength to lungs, cure asthma and bronchitis.

Increase Stamina, Strength and Fatigue

Shilajit is a natural energizer for our body. It increases stamina so it is also used by people in Sports, Olympics and Military. You can also use Shilajit before workouts to prevent fatigue and for strength and recovery. Iron content is more in Shilajit which helps oxygen flow in our nerves. It also helps weak nerves and nerve blockage.

Improve Sexual Hormones

It also effects almost all of our sexual hormones like Testosterone, Estrogen, Androgen. Shilajit helps in male erectile dysfunction, impotency, sperm count and almost all other sexual problems related to male and female bodies.

Powerful Antioxidant

Shilajit is a powerful antioxidant which flush out all toxins from our body. It is a natural blood purifier which is very helpful for our skin radical damage and makes you wrinkle free. Shilajit has anti-aging properties which makes skin fresh and healthy and makes your face look younger.

Good for Sugar and Heart Patients

Magnesium present in Shilajit control the glucose level in our blood. Heart and Type 2 diabetes patient can use it to control the sugar level.

Peace and Stability of mind

Shilajit helps you provide peace and stability of mind. It helps you to concentrate ad helps you brain to think, learn and recall more.

Female Problems

Menstural problems like bleeding more or less, stomach ache can also be eradicated with the use of Shilajit. Females with infertility problems or sexual weakness should take it.

Stress Releiver

Shilajit helps you with problems like stress, depression and anxiety. It is very effective for mental stability.

How you should take Shilajit:

The solid form of Shilajit should be taken by cutting it with a spoon or knife in a small piece, which should be slightly bigger than rice. You can take that piece directly with milk or water or you can take after dissolving it. Do not keep it in the refrigerator.

taking shiajit
If you are having it in liquid form than you can take 1-2 drops of Shilajit with warm milk or water 2 times a day.
Best time to consume Shilajit is half hour before breakfast.
It is better to take it in winters because of its warm effect on body. You can take every alternate day in summers.
You should increase your water intake while taking Shilajit.
It is a powerful medication so do not use it continuously for more than 3 months.

Points to keep in mind while taking Shilajit :

You should not take more than 600mg of Shilajit in a day.
Do not take Shilajit with alcohol (before and after 3 hours minimum).
Pregnant women and children below 12 years of age should not take Shilajit.
People who have increased level of iron should not take it.
Heart patients should not take Shilajit.
If you are going through infection or viral fever then you should not take it.
If you are going through any hormonal medication then you should not take Shilajit.

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