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What is Valentine Day – The Best Gifts for Valentines Day – Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

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History of Valentines Day

It all started with the birth of Saint Valentine who was born in Rome (226 A.D).

Valentine was a Padri in church. At that time Claudius II was the king of Rome. He was a very cruel king and lots of stories are recorded in the history of Europe which is proof of his cruelness. He was so cruel that he never gave women the same respect as men.

Claudius said that men are superior and better soldiers when they are single. He also said that if a man wants to live with her or want to have a physical relationship then there is no need to marry that woman.

But Saint Valentine, who was born in the same place, he traveled to different villages and said that women also deserve the same respect and men should marry a woman if he wants to live with her.

At that time there was a lot of business between India and Europe so, Valentine studied Indian history and from there he summarized that it is better to live with one woman if you want to live a healthy and loving life. There are a lot fewer complications and diseases when you live with one woman as a family.

But Claudius was opposing him by saying that they should follow the old tradition of not getting married. Under Claudius’ rule, there were so many bloody campaigns in Rome so he had to manage a large army.

But he was having a tough time for it. He believed that soldiers did not want to join the army because of their attachments to their wives and families. So to resolve this problem he banned all the marriages in Rome. But Valentine refused his decision and decided to marry young couples secretly.

Saint Valentine marrying couples

So Saint Valentine became famous for traveling around the villages of Rome where he gives the message to get married and what are the benefits of it. He got different couples married in his church only.

When Claudius came to know about his actions that Valentine refused to follow his order. He got angry and gave the order to hang Valentine because the king had the permission to do anything at that particular time.

The reality of Valentines Day

Valentine was arrested and his sentence was forwarded. On 14th February 278 A.D Valentine was hanged.

At that time there was a tradition of giving such harsh punishments in open ground, in front of all the people. All the people who got married because of him became sad after Valentine’s demise. After that, they started celebrating 14th February (498 A.D) as Valentine’s Day. So it became a day for exchanging love messages, chocolates, meals, luxuries, gifts, poems, etc. The title of Saint was given to him after his demise.

So Valentines Day is just celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentines demise.

This is the history of Valentine’s Day. In truth accurate identity of Saint Valentine is not clear because 3 different Valentine was there. According to Catholic Encyclopedia “All of them were Martyr, one was a priest second was a bishop and third was a martyr in Roman province”.

There are still different words about how the name of Valentine is connected to romance.

In history, the Lupercalia festival was celebrated before Valentine’s Day. In that festival, different men and women would place their names in jars and those names were drawn to create the pairings. So you can say it serves as a basis for Valentine Day but there is no proof of it. But later on in 496 A.D, Pope Gelasius ended the feast of Lupercalia. He declared 14 February to be celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day.

It is very astonishing that Valentine’s Day is based on the concept of getting married on the basis of love. So what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? Whether it is a candlelight dinner, a long drive, love talks or whatever it is but make sure to do it with the heart and it shall last throughout the year.

 Couple Drivig and candle ight dinner

Gifts are always appreciated at this occasion so you should gift something to your partner that constantly reminds of you. You must have given gifts before also but on this day it is like a mandatory act. Your gift’s worth does not depend on its cost but its uniqueness. Just in case if you are wondering whether you should gift or what you should gift we have some best gift ideas for you.

Valentine Gifts for Him :

Valentines Day Gifts Sexy Bewda Quote Clear Glass Beer Mug

Valentines Day Gifts Sexy Bewda Quote Pop Art Illustration Clear Glass Beer Mug

Poetry-Art Project Personalized Gifts

Poetry-Art Project Personalized Gifts

Valentines Day Gift Boyfriend. Men’s Gift Set. Gift for Boyfriend

Valentines Day Gift Boyfriend Husband .Aica Gift's Mens Gift Set. Gift for Boyfriend

Personalized Valentines Gift Plaque Wood Steam Beech

Incredible Gifts India Personalized Valentines Gift Plaque Wood Steam Beech

Love Glass Photo Frame 

Love Glass Photo Frame

4K WiFi Action Camera 30M Underwater Waterproof Camera( perfect valentine gift for adventure lover )

4K WiFi Action Camera 30M Underwater Waterproof Camera

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones( perfect for music lover)

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Earbuds with Touch Controls

Bluetooth Earbuds with Touch Controls

Fast Wireless Charger 

Fast Wireless Charger

Instant Camera

Instant Camera

Vacuum Insulated Coffee, Tea Travel Mug( perfect valentine gift for everyone)

InstaCuppa Vacuum Insulated Coffee, Tea Travel Mug

Diamond Cut Seamless Transparent Whiskey Glass(perfect valentine gift for a whiskey lover)

Diamond Cut Seamless Transparent Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Glass Star Wars Stormtrooper

Whiskey Glass Star Wars Stormtrooper

USB Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighters Personalized for Valentine

USB Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighters Personalized

Grooming Kit( best valentine gift for personal use)

Grooming Kit

Guitar (perfect valentine gift for him if he is a music lover)


Tile Pro( perfect gift for tech guy so he can you anywhere )

Tile Pro

Mobile Camera Lens Kit (best valentine gift so that he can capture your unique photos)

Mobile Camera Lens Kit



Personalized Men Wallet ( best valentine gift for him )

Personalized Tan (Name/Charm) Synthetic Men Wallet

Mirror Cum Photo Frame with LED (for both of you its the best valentine gift)

Mirror Cum Photo Frame with LED

Valentine LED Cushion

Valentine LED Cushion

Valentine Gifts for Couple :

Couple Tshirts
You can gift a Couple Tshirts
Best valentines day gift for teenagers
Engraved Hubby Wifey Couple Shot Glasses

A couple of Shot Glasses is the best gift for party people
Bracelet for Men and Women
Bracelet for Men and Women can be a symbolic best valentines day gift
Combo Watch for Men And Women

Combo Watch for Men And Women can act as a lifetime best gift
Couple Rings for Lovers

Couple Rings for Lovers
Best gift for valentines
Printed Heart Couple Mug

Printed Heart Couple Mug is the best gift for couples
Couple Bathrobe

Couple Bathrobe
It can be the best gift
heart image
Best Gift is to give anything by Heart

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