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Does your dog love you ?

We know dogs are not just our pets in fact they are our family and most particularly friends. But does your dog loves you?

When it comes to comfort your little buddy we all got confused sometimes right, obviously we are humans we don’t know what is happening inside that cute fluffy head and we certainly try to do whatever it takes to make them happy. By understanding your dog’s body positions you can lead to a strong and a healthier relationship with your buddy. These 10 signs will tell you that whether your dog loves you or not?

1. If he freaks out when you come back home your dog loves you?

If you get back to your home after a hectic day and your buddy is freaking out jumping all over you with joy it means your dog is extremely happy to see you and loves you a lot.

Dog jumpin

2. Does your dog cuddles with you after his meal?

We all know how much our dog loves their food. It is very easy to make them jump if you are having those delicious chicken sticks right? But what happens after it. If your dog likes to cuddle with you after filling that tummy it is a clear sign that he loves you because you are the most important priority after his food.

3. Where does your dog sleep ?

It can be different for everyone because not everybody likes to sleep with their dog.

But if your dog tries to sleep in the same couch or somewhere around you in your room it means he wants to be with you or around you even when he is sleeping and that serve as a clear action of his love.

4. Does your dog become sad when you leave?

If you are leaving your house and you can see that your dog is not so much active or you can say he is sad because of that, it is a clear sign of separation anxiety which means he does not want you to leave him a because he loves you.

5. They look straight into your eyes?

If your dog looks straight into your eyes it means he is well connected to you and your dog is trying to make an impression just because he wants to know you better because he loves you.

6. If they show you their belly your dog loves you?

It is obviously the most sensitive body part when it comes to a dog. So if your dog plays around with you or cuddle by exposing his belly it means that he trust you a lot even more than his own safety right now and it certainly means your dog loves you.

7. Does your dog follow you?

If you are walking or running and your dog is just beside following you most of the times everywhere. It is a clear sign that he always wants to be with you and he is always there for you.

8. They wag their tail?

If you are around him and that tail can’t stop wagging, it’s the best way to know that your dog is pleased to have you and it is the most joyful moment for him when you both are together.

9. Your dog waits at the window when you are coming home?

We all know that for every dog super power is their cute little nose so if you are around or about to be home and you dog is just waiting right at the door or window of your home it means after sensing your presence he is eager to be with you as soon as possible and that’s a clear sign of love.

10. Your dog licks you?

It is the most loving and intriguing form of love when you dog licks you to make you realise that how much he loves you.

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