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Delhi Police: Current Conditions and Necessary Changes

Delhi Police was formed on 16 February 1948. It comes under Ministry of Home Affairs. In 2015 a total of 84,536 police personnel were accounted. But do you know as compared to the population in Delhi we have a shortfall of force? Population in Delhi is increasing day by day because people from every other state are diverting towards Delhi. But nobody is analyzing that with an increase in the population we have to increase the force also otherwise how would crime control. We have 5th Lowest police population ratio in the world among 71 countries. 138 police personnel per lakh of population. It’s high time when we need to evaluate the key factors that why is the crime increasing in Delhi.

First of all let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of joining Delhi Police. It is not that easy to join as you have to go through a written an physical examination.There are only two centres where police training is provided in Delhi, Jharoda and Wajirabad.

It is very easy to criticize in public that police is not doing the work properly. But in reality, have you ever compared the situation from any other department? Let us examine some facts that why some changes should be made.

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Current Situation of Delhi Police:

  • 25% of Delhi Police is appointed for VVIP Security.
  • 24*7 duty, even on holidays when everyone is enjoying with their families. They are always present whether is Holi, Diwali etc. 99% cannot celebrate festivals with their families.
  • There are not even 5% of houses for more than 87,000 policemen.
  • Long working hours. 12 hour is a minimum shift for them and sometimes 24 hours. Whether in need of protest, emergencies or VIP treatment, they are always present on foot.
  • Lack of facilities due to which more than 400 officials have quit in the last 3 years.
  • Lower rank officers suffer from psychological illness and disorders. They have very little time for their families due to long working hours.
  • There is an image like every policeman is corrupt.
  • Police personnel is not respected by politicians. They treat them like puppets for their dirty politics.
  • They are disciplined otherwise have gone on protest themselves.

Necessary steps which should be taken:

  • If you want to low corruption, reduce their working hours. Because with less pay and long working hours it is impossible to low corruption.
  • To reduce working hours to 8 more than 2 Lakh persons needed in force.
  • More leaves should be provided.
  • Proper facilities as compared to the facilities provided to police personnel in other countries. If you don’t provide them then don’t expect also.
  • Steps should be taken immediately. Some police personnel had to wait more than 15 years for their promotions. Think about the mental stress they were going through all those years.

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