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14 February 2019: Black day for India

On 14th February 2019 when everyone was busy celebrating the day of love. Our Indian CRPF soldiers were stuck in the middle of natural calamity for about 3 days. A total convoy of more than 2500 soldiers was stuck which were going from Jammu to Kashmir in 78 buses. They were going there for the protection and welfare of Kashmiri people. The route was considered safe but we all know what happened. Suddenly an SUV came which was filled with more than 350 kilograms of RDX explosives and hit one of the buses of CRPF convoy.

The explosives were so much that the impact can be heard for about 10 to 12 km of radius. After doing such a cowardly act their buses were fired also several times. More than 44 soldiers were martyred in this attack and several others were injured.

fire shots on bus

As it happened the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad which is a Pakistan based Islamic group taken the responsibility of this cowardly act. They release a video of the suicide bomber Adil Ahmad Dar who was a 20 year old from Lethipora village in Kashmir. In that video he was in military fatigues with all the weapons he was going to use in the attack.

suider bomber parents

The parents of suicide bomber gave a statement “We are in the same pain as the families of soldiers are”. They told that Adil joined the militant group in March 2018, after being radicalised because the forces stopped him and his friends for stone pelting in 2016. His parents also told that they were not aware of the attack.

But now the question arises that how this all happened?

1.How did this breach happened?

Generally, a convoy is not more than 1000 soldiers but they were 2500 due to the circumstances. But how this critical information passed to the militant. It cannot happen without the support of internal people(we cannot deny that) and how the militants came to know the exact location of the soldiers. Of course, there is a connection between the internal people and the militants.

overview representation of attack

2. From where the Explosive came?

More than 350 kgs of explosives were present in that SUV, but how come they gather all that. And yes it cannot come from outside. From where it was arranged in so much quantity. On the one hand, Kashmir people are asking for economic support but on the other hand, it is questionable to see the money that was used in the attack.

3. Why Signal Jammers were not present?

When a politician is on the route, signal jammers are present on his car but when more than 2500 soldiers were there then why the jammers were not provided. All the communication should be stopped at this critical time, because the information shoud not be passed.

4. Why not Air support?

Worldwide when a convoy moves air support is provided. The soldiers are responsible for our security but who is responsible for theirs. If we cannot provide air support for thousand of our men then how can we expect them safe in such a region of our country where the youth is against them.

5. Why not Anti Mines and Anti IED on the tracks?

It was considered as the safe route, but still, the attack happened. It was easy for the suicide bomber to carry that amount of explosives because we lack the equipment if the proper types of equipment were provided and used then they could have known about any external movement.

You cannot imagine the situation of what happened there. Bodies are not found, only flesh and blood is there. How will the families, parents, spouse, children forget and how will they survive knowing the pain that our soldiers went through. What could the government return to their families money, flesh, medals but they cannot fulfil their lifetime sadness and anger until the revenge is taken. Our condolences to their brave families.

indian army

A soldier is trained so hard for the battlefield. It is a pure coward act to attack unarmed people. Islam also does not preach this, these militants who are illiterate and thought that they will go to heaven after doing such an act shoud know the real Islam first.

Its high time that we unite and correct all the mistakes. We should take all the necessary steps to take the revenge off our martyred soldiers. Because the soldiers that were martyred they were not of any political party (BJP, Congress, AAM etc). They were Indians and now it is our responsibility to unite and take revenge. It’s not about a surgical strike, now the complete militant group should be eradicated irrespective of the people or any nation supporting these groups.

Other nations USA, Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Israel, Australia, South Korea also came forward and condemned this attack.

US Department of State
US Department of State
Israel tweet
Bhutan tweet

No seperate law should be there , if anyone throw even a stone at our soldiers he should be shot straight in the head. This is one nation and the law should be one for everyone irrespective of the caste, religion, community, state etc.

Stop all the business with Pakistan whether its goods, entertainment, sports or anything else. The terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) is a Pakistan based Islamic group, then what are we waiting for?

All the proper equipment should be provided for all our forces. We can adjust in every field but not with our national security.

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